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Calaveras County has some of the finest schools in California. The Office of Education is located at 185 South Main Street in Angels Camp and their telephone number is (209) 736-4662. The web site is

The Superintendent of Schools is Scott Nanik. The schools serve over 7,000 students. Each of the 26 schools exceeded the Academic Performance Index Growth Target and were ranked in the top third in the state based on START test results. Attendance rates average over 97%.Eighth grade achievement scores are well above the state average and high school dropout rates is 13% lower than the state average.

We have 4 districts in Calaveras County, Calaveras Unified School District, Bret Harte Union High School District, Vallecito Union School District and Mark Twain Union Elementary School District.  Each district is unique and does an outstanding job of educating the students in their care.

The job as a county office is to support the efforts of our school districts to improve/increase student achievement, to provide professional development for all school staff when possible, and to provide any other support services required by law or requested by the districts.

“The mission of Calaveras County Office of Education is to provide leadership into the 21st century through quality service to school districts, students, parents and community with the goal of achieving excellence together.”

As a way of supporting the schools and districts, they operate many specialized programs for at risk students.  They operate a Community Day school as well as many Special Education programs directed at a more challenged population.

CCOE also provides a Charter School opportunity for students and parents.

Bret Harte Union
High School District
323 South Main Street, Angels Camp
(209) 736-8340

Calaveras Unified School District
3304 Hwy 12, San Andreas
(209) 754-3504

Mark Twain Union Elementary School District
646 Stanislaus Avenue, Angels Camp
(209) 736-6542

Vallecito Union School District
4795 Hwy 4, Avery
(209) 795-8000

Mountain Ranch Community School
7860 Whiskey Slide Road, Mountain Ranch
(209) 754-1996

Vallecito Community School
3667 Cemetary Lane, Vallecito
(209) 736-4515

Oakendell Community School
Hawver Road, San Andreas
(209) 754-1249

Mountain Oaks Home Study
150 Old Oak Rd, San Andreas, CA 95249
(209) 754-0532

Calaveras River Academy
150 Oak St, San Andreas, CA 95249
(209) 754-1996